Winter Gritting

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Winter Gritting

Keeping your site SAFE from the risks of ICE and SNOW.  We offer a professional gritting and forecast monitoring service throughout the winter months. Our services run along side your own business hours and we offer call-out services available on request.

Available to Corporate, Commercial and Industrial sites throughout the Midlands and surrounding areas. We aim to provide a good, honest and reliable winter gritting service for our clients.

If you own premises that the public access (workplaces, shops etc). Then you have a legal responsibility to provide safe access and way out.

Regulation 12 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations requires employers to ensure that the “surface of every traffic route in the workplace” is suitable for the purpose for which it is used. Employers must ensure their surfaces are not slippery or have any substance on them that exposes employees to the risk of slipping.

Gritting should be carried out when frost, ice or snow is forecast or when walkways are likely to be damp or wet and the floor temperatures are at, or below freezing.

The road temperature often stays higher than the air temperature because roads retain heat from the sun longer than the air. Roads do not cool down nearly as quickly as objects such as cars. This means frost on a car can be a misleading guide to whether gritting is needed on the roads.

Our winter services currently cover the following areas, but are not limited to:

Birmingham; Bridgnorth; Bromsgrove; Cannock; Cradley Heath; Droitwich; Dudley; Halesowen; Kidderminster; Lichfield; Oldbury; Quinton; Redditch; Sandwell; Smethwick; Solihull; Stafford; Stourbridge; Stourport; Telford; Walsall; Wednesbury; West Bromwich; Wolverhampton and Worcester.


The best times are early in evening before the frost settles and/or early in the morning before employees arrive. Salt doesn’t work instantly; it needs time to dissolve into the moisture on the floor.

Our Salt Spreading and Gritting Services are carried out between the hours of 18:00 pm – 6:00 am when road temperatures will be at 0°C or below. Gritters go out when forecasts suggest road temperatures will be at 0°C or below and moisture will be present to form ice.

We use a white marine salt, which is a BS3247 certified, high-quality winter de-icer which leaves no messy residue when trodden into vehicles or buildings.

Some individuals overlook the need for winter maintenance provisions entirely. But it’s not just the highways that need to be gritted. If you don’t spread salt on your own site, you risk your business grinding to a halt!


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Midlands Grounds Maintenance with over 14 years’ experience, provide a complete grounds management solution for your needs. We offer a wide range of services for Corporate, Commercial and Industrial sites throughout the West Midlands and surrounding areas. We aim to provide a good, honest and reliable Grounds Maintenance service for our clients.


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